The Beugler Striper is ideal for decorative painting and striping, and adds a finishing touch to any tole painting project.
Above: Add precise outlining to any decorative painting.

At left: A full size (5 feet tall) hand-carved, working slot machine featuring gangster pinstripe suit, by R.S. Delong Carvings of Johnsonburg, PA. Done with a Beugler Striping Tool.

At right: Another example of decorative painting with the Beugler Striping Tool.

The handy guides make a border treatment like this one easy, even for the beginner.

It's the ideal finishing touch for just about any decorativeapplication.

At left: A segment from the Martha Stewart Living Television program, demonstrating the use of the Beugler striper to paint fabric.

Works great with many decorative paints. Because of the fast drying properties of water-based acrylics, generally used for decorative art, the wheel head must be kept wet with a dampened cloth.

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