The Beugler tool is not gravity fed which enables paint to flow in any position, is safe and non-pressurized, does not require tape for clean edges, and elminates stick-on vinyl tape and paint brushes. Stripe from fine 1/64" to broad 1/2".
How it works...
Stripe Metal, Fabric, Wood, Leather, Plastic, Glass, Paper, Ceramics, Vinyl, Stone and More For Literally Thousands of Applications!
 S. B. Beugler invented and patented this versatile paint striping tool in 1934. Today, the Beugler Striper remains the recognized choice for quality pinstriping and detailed paint lining. Used for decoration, identification, accenting, outlining and highlighting, the Beugler Striper paints an even, consistent line regardless of the speed of application.

Included with your Beugler Striper is a complete 30 page User Guide designed as a companion to the Beugler Instructional Video Tape

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